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Drama students are very busy producing and rehearsing 5 and 15 minute extracts from Shakespearean plays in preparation for the annual Auckland West – Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival in April which will be held at Kristin School.

We’d also like to encourage students to participate in Arts activities that are getting going in classes, with EOTC/ trips and about campus with activities such as Dance Club! A welcoming message also to all Art students in Y11 – take time during lunch to extend outcomes in your work. Art rooms are always open!

Kirsty Britton – Arts Coordinator

What’s happening in the Arts?

The following students have put themselves forward to be on the Arts Committee. They will support and promote activity in departments also with events musical, class productions, lunchtime clubs and school wide shows. They’ve also shown an interest in lunchtime concert sessions in the KHCL.

This group will meet fortnightly.

Arts Committee 2020

Ruby Giesen, Izzy Christie, Martha Coltman, Caspian Rive, Pip Owles, Raf Hosking, Helena Lindsay

Oliver McCallum

We hope that in years to come those who weren’t successful this year will reapply. Our focus as a team will be to continue to support the Arts and events as they occur throughout the year. We look forward to planning and reporting back on some very new and exciting events as a committee this year!

Frankie Smith and Grace Hemingway – Arts Leaders

Y11 Breakdance!

The Year 11 Dance class are experiencing breakdance with a guest tutor Jody Stewart, a breakdance specialist originally from Canada. As well as teaching and performing breakdance she is a teacher at Mangere Bridge School and her own dance studio Bridge Breakers.

The Year 11 class is learning about the history of breakdance and Jody is giving students a physical understanding as well as providing an insight into the background of this dance style and its context of 1970s New York City. The class will perform their breakdance sequences in the annual Dance Showcase on September 23. They will demonstrate their knowledge of the history of breakdance in their external exam at the end of the year.


The terms is speeding by and our year 11 students are working flat out on their production standard , which will see them performing in week two of term two ( 6 – 8 May). The play, ‘Gargantua’ is the story of a giant baby that seeks revenge by destroying his small hometown of Skankton Marsh. It is a madcap romp with multiple parts as well as a band.  The class has been double cast with each cast getting at least two performance opportunities, so we’ll see you at TAPAC theatre next term. Performance times will be 3:15pm and 6pm. As usual all performances are free, with any koha gratefully accepted.

Year 12 students are working on their drama techniques standard, using scenes from New Zealand plays, while the year 13 students are being challenged to research a famous character from history, politics or literature to devise a scenario that gets inside the character’s head. The devising standard is definitely the most challenging of the level three standards.

The Drama department had its first theatre outing last month. Years 11, 12 and 13 went to the Pop Up Globe to see ‘Much Ado About Nothing.’ This was a rollicking production with laughs aplenty, not to mention some dare-devil abseiling and trapeze work. The students enjoyed the pace and humour, but not the sun, which beat down ferociously upon the groundlings. This is the last year for the Pop Up Globe and it will be sorely missed as an opportunity for our students to experience Elizabethan Theatre in an authentic tradition.

Finally, we have a number of students working on performances for the Regional Shakespeare Festival held at Kristin College on Tuesday and Wednesday 31st March, 1st April. We will let you know which night our students are performing on as soon as we find out. Put those dates in your diaries and come along to support the students. The work is all student directed and we have a group of keen young year 9 students giving it a go this year, which is fantastic!

Ngā mihi

Robert Pollock – HOD Drama

Art Department News!

Extended Greeting from Rangitoto

At the time of writing it’s week six and the Art Department is in full swing as we move into the second half of the term.

The junior classes have settled into good work habits, with Kirsty, Danielle and Ashley working with the Y9 and Y10 classes who are preparing for their first painting studies.  The senior cohorts are all engaged in producing works for their respective Drawing standards and the two Art History classes are working hard to show understanding of terminology through relevant analysis.

This year we are making a number of alterations in the senior programme – with a more expansive and progressive approach to Level 1; Level 2 Painters creating miniature Icons for 2.5; Level 3 Painters developing exquisite corpse for collaborative mural and Level 3 Photographers extending their ideas through flip books.  The opportunity to showcase these works next term is highly likely and will be promoted through the Art news so that the wider school community can view the works.

In terms of EOTC, the Senior Photographer have had a successful outing at Wenderholm last week to kick start their understanding of conventions.  Still to come for Y13 students is a proposed trip to view the Top Art folios (with a couple of Art Gallery stops) and later in the year – a senior Art History trip for Students to extend their knowledge of NZ Art.

Discussion regarding scholarship options have been circulating over the last week and students are encouraged to see the Y13 Academic Leader and the Teacher in Charge to advise and assist them in their choices.

Finally, a fee reminder to parents and guardians about the payment of Art and Art History fees for Y10-13.  Our ability to provide relevant EOTC opportunities, the appropriate technical and specialised resources for the year is dependent on your continued support.  Thanks in advance.

Ia Manuia                       Lily Laita – HOD Art


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