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Enrichment Learning

The school has Gifted and Talented (GAT) learner coordinators who oversee GAT enrichment learning. Many GAT students will also be part of the Acceleration Programme, but this will not always be the case.

The coordinators’ role is firstly is to ensure that students with gifts and talents are identified in particular subjects, across curriculum areas, or in co and extra-curricula areas. Secondly, the coordinators ensure that GAT students are stimulated and enriched by their learning environment.  A variety of data and teacher observations are used to identify GAT students.

GAT students needs are met by:

  1. Ensuring a wide variety of gifts and talents are recognised.
  2. Ensuring departments and teachers enrich the learning environment in the mixed ability classroom by stimulating and challenging GAT students.
  3. Monitoring GAT students progress and, in some year levels, meeting with them as a group and/or developing personalised inter-disciplinary research projects.
  4. Utilising the Acceleration Programme where appropriate.

In Year 9 the GAT coordinators identify GAT learners and meet with these students as a group. Students generate their own research projects, which untie learning objectives from different curriculum areas and encourage interdisciplinary thinking.

In Years 10, 11 and 12, while continuing to monitor the progress of all GAT students, the GAT coordinators will focus on enriching the learning of GAT students who have not been accelerated.

In Year 13, all students reduce from six subjects to five and have one timetable block for study. GAT students will be encouraged to take multiple scholarships and, in some cases, university papers.

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