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Derived Grade Exams

Derived Grade exams will take place in weeks 8 and 9 this term (i.e. from Thursday 7th September to Friday 15th September). The derived grade timetable will be sent to all students sitting external exams and their whānau next week (week 4 Term 3).

Where a student faces extenuating circumstances in Term 4 and is not able to sit their national external examinations, a derived grade can be applied for using this link. Students must have sat the derived grade exams in Term 3 and they must have an Achieved derived grade or higher for a standard in order for an application to be made. 

These exams cannot be sat at a different time due to authenticity and attestation reasons as per NZQA’s assessment guidelines. 



The Year 11 MCAT: Tuesday 12th September 2023 (am) 

The majority of Year 11 Mathematics students and all year 11 Pāngarau students will be sitting the external assessment for Algebra know as the MCAT (Maths Common Assessment Task). The Year 11 MCAT will take place on Tuesday the 12th September in the Gym.

Students must be lined up at 8.30am. The MCAT runs for 1 hour only. The MCAT will take place during our Derived Grade Exams this year but is a national external exam. Results for this exam are released in January 2024 along with students’ other external results. More detailed information about this exam will be sent home to parents of MCAT students by the HOD Mathematics during week 4.

A few general reminders to all students sitting the MCAT include the following:

  • they are not allowed to wear watches during this external exam;
  • mobile phones must be turned off and placed under the chair or in their bags;
  • pens and pencils need to be removed from any pencil cases and pencil cases need to be left in your school bag;
  • a small clear bottle filled with water is allowed in the MCAT;
  • no other food or drink can be brought into the Gym.


Digital Exam Preparation for External Exams in Term 4

A wide range of subjects offer digital external exams. This allows students to use their device to sit their exams. We have offered digital exams for the past few years in the relevant subject areas and students report that it provides them with a better external exam experience. This is a secure digital platform and all our exam supervisors are trained in how to use it and how to assist students during their exams. 

In order to prepare students for the digital exams, there is a comprehensive help sheet using the link here – Digital exam preparation for students

What is extremely important is that all students have logged into NZQA and that they remember their log in and their password.

The timetable for the end of year external exams can be found here


Senior Course Selection for 2024, Term 3 2023

Term 3 is course selection for 2023 for Years 10-12 students. Information will be sent to whānau over the next couple of weeks. The deadline for Senior Course Selection is 4pm Thursday the 14th September.

Year 10’s will have a Course Selection Assembly so they clearly understand the process and the requirements for NCEA Subject Selection for 2024. Students will also go through how to complete their course selection in whānau class over the next few weeks.

The Careers Department is also hosting the Western Springs College-Ngā Puna o Waiōrea Pathways and Subject Choices Evening on Thursday 17th August from 4.30pm to 7:00pm in KHCL. This will include information about the subject choices we offer and pathways beyond school.

[See our separate news article here for more information]


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