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Our school values, with the aim of strengthening relationships in a positive environment, are reflected in our school culture, and enable us to remove barriers to engagement and improve students’ chances of achieving at school and beyond. We all have a part in looking after the resources we all use in our environment and making it a safe and pleasant place to be in.

One of our school values is Sustainability / Tautiakitanga : the ability to maintain an environment or behaviour indefinitely. Some of the ways in which this value can be expressed are by:

  • conserving resources,
  • using paper recycling bins,
  • thinking twice before photocopying or printing,
  • using the three bin system correctly.

Eco News will give you tips and information on ways we can all play our part towards a just and sustaninable future.

How to dispose of face masks safely

  • Cut off the ear loops with a pair of scissors. Without the ear loops, there are fewer chances of the mask entangling wildlife in case it ends up in the environment.
  • Place used face masks in rubbish bins for safe disposal at landfills.
  • Do not dispose of used face masks and gloves or any other personal protective equipment in household or public recycling bins. 

Our 3 bin system – located all over school

  • Blue bin – recycling: no polysterene, no plastic straws (try and buy a reusable one), no plastic cups.
  • Red bin – landfill: please try and take your soft plastics home and put them in your soft plastic recycling bin which can be drop off at any of these collection points.
  • Green bin – food waste for the WORM FARM: plates and cutlery from the cafeteria, tissues and serviettes, food waste, no ‘biodegradable’ cups as those still contain plastic, try and bring your own reusable drink bottle.

Our ecostore bin – located in the school foyer

Across the ecostore range, the plastic bottles contain a mix of Sugar Plastic – a renewable, recyclable plastic that captures CO2 as it grows – and locally sourced recycled plastic. Using plastic made from sugar instead of petrochemicals captures CO2 from the atmosphere rather than releasing it, while incorporating recycled content helps keep this valuable material in the loop and reduces the need to create new plastic. This mix creates durable bottles, uses less energy and resources, and cuts down on the amount of plastic in our environment.

  • We accept any ecostore plastic bottles (a light rinse is preferable) and scoops from laundry packs.
  • We do not accept glass bottles from the SKIN by ecostore range (these can go in your recycling), oral care toothpaste and toothbrushes, other brands’ bottles/plastic, laundry powder boxes (these can go in your recycling bin)

Our e-waste bin – located in the school foyer

1/ Drop off your used IT/technology equipment: laptops, desktop computers, LCD monitors, digital displays, mobile phones, printers, any chargers and cables.

2/ All devices will be securely wiped, refurbished, and distributed to those in need or sent to developing nations, like Kenya and Tanzania, to improve access to IT equipment for schools and business start-ups.

3/ All devices will be assessed and provided with a dollar value, with all money raised going back to our school.

4/ Devices with no value will be responsibly recycled.


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