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You will soon make subject choices for next year.  

Here are some helpful guidelines;

  1. What subjects do I enjoy?  Why do I enjoy them and would other subjects be comparable?
  2. Read the subject prerequisites for level NCEA 2 and 3 courses – WSC – NPOW Coursebook from the Academic section of our website.  Do you have to study the subject to be able to study it at a higher level?  Check with the Head of Department to find out if you can/cannot take a new subject.
  3. Most subjects have TRANSFERABLE skills.  For example, if you are developing writing or critical thinking skills in one subject, you will likely be able to use these in other subjects. Discuss transferable skills with your teacher if you are unsure.
  4. Completed your Career Research? Have you logged into Career Central and done the Career Quest or Bullseye Quiz (Seniors)? *Check if there are any subjects that are either recommended or required
  5. Remember that Maths and Sciences are harder to pick up at higher levels. 
  6. Some career options might be difficult to choose if you do not take a certain subject. Have you carefully considered this? 

Finally, best advice is to keep your options open and do what you enjoy.

*Useful links

1 a. Subject Guide for secondary students from Uni of Auckland

 1.b Further guidance about recommended and/or required subjects for other tertiary providers is available in the WSC Careers Hub 

  1. Link to WSC Careers Hub here for logging into Career Central for Bullseye and Career Quest quiz.
  2. If you are at WSC NPOW – How to get Subject Information? – watch a slide here
  3. Fantastic Guidance from the NZ Careers Website here

Course Planning Visits for Year 13 Leavers going to Uni

Most visits have been successfully completed either at school prior to lock down 2 or on Zoom. See Will Moffat from Vic Uni, and Kitiona Pasene. Otago Uni, assisting Year 13 students enrol below.  If Year 13 students missed the UOA session by Zoom, there is a copy here. (Massey and Unitec still to come later in September 16 at 1 pm in Kingsland room.)

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