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Need to know:

  • Cellphones “away for the day” at Springs/Waiōrea (see further details below)
  • Leave your phone at home, or keep it turned off and in your bag while at school.

Further Details

Parents and students will be aware of our new government’s expectation, to be legislated by the beginning of Term 2, that schools ban cellphone use during the school day.  The expectation is that schools will do this voluntarily from the beginning of the 2024 school year rather than waiting for the legislation to be enacted.

At Springs/Waiōrea our approach from the beginning of the 2024 school year will be:

“Away for the day”

Meaning cellphones either do not come with the student to school, or are switched off and kept in bags at all times*, unless directed by a teacher.

[* includes intervals, whanau times and lunchtimes]

It is important to note that if students do make the decision to bring a cellphone to the school grounds, they do so at their own risk.  The school will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused to any cellphone.

Cellphones “away for the day” expectations

At Springs/Waiōrea students are always encouraged to self-regulate (our non uniform policy is a prime example) and develop healthy in-person relationships.  Our hope is that the “away for the day” approach will enhance these goals, as well as reduce distraction, maximise learning time and minimise the potential for cyber-bullying.

In circumstances where a staff member considers that a student has breached these new cellphone rules the result will be the confiscation of the phone for the rest of the school day.  The phone will be able to be retrieved from 3.30 pm on the day of confiscation by the student and the breach will be recorded in KAMAR, our student management system.   A second breach and confiscation will require a parent to retrieve the phone from the school office from 3.30 pm onwards.

Disrespectful or defiant behaviour in relation to the cellphones “away for the day” policy will be dealt with via the processes outlined in our Behaviour Management Policy (see policies on website).

Cellphones “away for the day” exemptions

Learning activities

If cellphones are to be used for a learning activity, and they often are, this will be instigated by the class teacher. Teachers will direct that phones may be used and they will supervise phone use during the lesson – when phones may be used and when they need to go away again.

Health and emergency situations

In matters related to a student’s immediate health and safety concerns, a parent or caregiver can apply to the principal via the Head of their child’s house (HoH) or the senior leader (DP) of their child’s house for a period of exemption (e.g., medical conditions or child protection issues).

We understand that some parents like their children to have a phone to communicate with them.  If a parent needs to contact their child urgently during the school day, they should call the school office or contact their child through their school email address.

I thank you in advance for your support in this matter,

Ivan Davis

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