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International Students’ Stories

Kazuhiro (Kazu) Okada from Japan

I first got to know about Western Springs College through my agent from Japan.  They told me the school had a good academic reputation and vibes.  After I came here, I found what I was told was true, and I haven’t felt disappointed since I started at Western Springs College at the beginning of this year.  Moreover, I like the new modern building and think the teachers are supportive here.  I have so far improved my English skills a lot.  I also made friends from different nationalities, which I couldn’t do if I were in Japan.  At school lunch time, I enjoy playing basketball with the local students.  Now, I am interested in joining the school badminton club.  On weekends, I enjoy skateboarding with my Thai friend and browsing around clothes shops with my Chinese friend.  I am looking forward to going to the cinema with my friends now that it is open.  I also like my homestay.   My hosts take good care of me, and my room is clean and comfortable.  Through my homestay experience, I have learned to be more independent and do what I can do myself.  In the future, I want to work internationally by working for a trading company.


Chengye Xu from China

I decided to come to Western Springs College as my sister, who lives in New Zealand for many years, picked the school out of all the high schools across Auckland, and I liked the non-uniform policy at the school.  I still enjoy the freedom of deciding what to wear every morning, and I now also like the school because I have made a lot of friends.  Attending classes with my friends is fun.  Also, I found my teachers are kind and supportive.  Since I started my journey at Western Springs College, I think I have developed my English and Design skills.  On top of Maths, English and Physics, I am also taking the subjects of Painting, Design and Visual Communications and Economics this year.  In the future, I want to be an architect as I like designing and think living in a beautiful house can make people happy.  I am also interested in becoming an ECE teacher.  I like young children.  I live with my mother and sister, and my sister has got a gorgeous nine-month-old baby.  I enjoy helping her with looking after the baby.


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