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After the second lockdown finished, our international students are now back to our normal routines and are ready for our upcoming exciting learning opportunities including some trips and camps.  Here are the latest stories of our international students who are embracing their learning opportunities offered here at Western Springs College.

Taeho (Jason) Kim from Korea (Year 11)

I moved from another school to Western Springs College this year.  I first heard about the school from my agent.  They told me the school had great academic records and had no uniform.  They also told me that the teachers at Western Springs College were treating students with respect as young adults.  I decided to come here as I wanted to achieve well academically.

About a month has passed since I started here.  My life has been pretty good.  All of my friends here are kind.  The teachers are nice, too.  If I have questions, they really try to understand what I want to know.  They know that the international students tend to be shy.  So they ask us first in class if we have any questions.  They also give us good advice to help our study like recommending us to read a book in our own language first before reading it in English.  Since I came to Western Springs College, I think my English skills have improved.  It is because my classmates and teachers talk to me a lot.  When I am trying to say something but am not able to make myself understood very well, the teachers ask me questions and try to understand what I am trying to say.

I attend the local rugby club, Ponsonby Rugby Club.  The team members are nice to me and we play together as a good team.  I would love to join the school rugby club if the training schedules don’t clash.  In the future, I want to be a rugby player.  After I finish high school, I would like to study Sports Management at university.  Once I retire from playing rugby, I want to run a sports management company that trains our future rugby players.

It can be difficult to live in a new environment like overseas.  But if you are thinking about coming to NZ to study, please don’t be shy!  Everyone around you will be happy to help you.  Even though you are not confident in your English skills or you are not good at a certain subject, your teachers will help you develop your skills.  Have more confidence and don’t worry!!


Xinyue (Sara) Jing from China (Year 11)


I have been at Western Springs College since the beginning of 2020.  I chose the school because of its modern learning environment and the top academic records.
I found the teachers here warm and kind.  They care about the international students.  I like how they set the high expectations for us and help us achieve high.

Since I started to learn at Western Springs College, I have gained a lot of skills.  I can now study independently, and brainstorm about my future and study thanks to the brainstorming opportunities in class.  I can definitely see the differences between learning as a junior student and a senior one.  Now, I need to work for more hours in various subjects and need more knowledge.  I also need to manage time wisely.

I am planning to join the badminton club at school when it starts later this year.  I take Music as one of my subjects and enjoy practicing piano, guitar and ukulele.  I sometimes practice piano after school in the studio of the Music Department.  I want to keep playing the piano and also doing some sports.  In the future, I would like to learn Accounting, Law or Education.

The idea of studying in NZ may seem daunting for international students. But you don’t need to feel stressed.  Just feel happy and trust your teachers.  When you study in NZ, communicating with your teachers is very important.  If you are unsure of anything, just ask them questions.  They are happy to help you.

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