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Introducing the newly structured international department

The International Department is under a new staffing structure now, where Joanne Qiao is still the International Director, Yuki Tsukihara is the Service Administrator, and Shirley Chen is the Business Administrator.

As the Service Administrator, Yuki will focus on providing the quality services in students’ homestay recruitment and placements, as well as the pastoral care and all-round student support services. Yuki will be the key contact for all the homestay families, also the key contact for our agent partners for their enquiries or concerns related to students’ settlement, homestay, personal development, and current course and future career planning, etc. Yuki will make or coordinate the follow-up student services for these enquires. She will still be involved in some marketing communication jobs as she used to be.

As the Business Administrator, Shirley will undertake jobs related to student enrolment, finance administration, student insurance, student visa applications, agent contracts, regular communication with agents/parents/host parents (by sending out school reports) and students’ accommodation with parents’ designated care-givers.

All our email addresses, office landlines, and work mobile numbers are the same as before. (Please refer to the contact details below.)

In addition, we have set up a separate after-hour emergency mobile number (+64 27 689 0010) for students, host parents, natural parents and overseas agents. This can be accessed after the problem is reported to the police – in case the student’s safety and wellbeing are considered at risk.  OR, it can be used to report other major issues.

The International Department Contact Details:

 Joanne Qiao – International Director


Office Phone +64 9 815 6743 (Direct Line)

Mobile: +64 21 806 651

Yuki Tsukihara – Service Administrator


Office Phone +64 9 815 6730 (Ext 752)

Mobile: +64 21 617 172

Shirley Chen – Business Administrator


Office Phone +64 9 815 6730 (Ext 752)

After hour emergency phone no: +64 27 689 0010


Year 13 Geography Queenstown Trip

Three of our Year 13 international students, Jerry from China, Yuta from Japan and Linh from Vietnam, joined the Geography Queenstown trip from 30 May to 2 June.  The trip was for learning tourism development in and around the breathtakingly beautiful tourism town. They had awesome hands-on learning experiences through visiting various amusing attractions and trying some thrilling adventure activities.

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