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Performance successes!
We’ve had a busy and fabulous time in the last few weeks.
For the first time in several  years we held our Junior Talent Quest. A small
but hotly contested affair. We opted to hold this in the foyer of Te Whare Puoro,
which worked beautifully as a performance venue.

Henri Woodley  with a soulful rendition of Michael Buble’s  version of Feeling Good
Molly Green who folded her contortionist self into shapes to make us wince and showed supreme control of her unicycle
Arlo Robertson on electric guitar with a superb rendition of  Metallica’s Master of Puppets

Congratulations to all entrants who also included Vaine Abraham, Willow Epati-Manu, Holly Naish, Sylvie Dingle Bell, Harlo Brady, Harper Sergeant, Lily Wall, Jaime Watson,  & Trelise Black.


This weeked saw the Auckland Central regional heats with 32 bands competing and 10 of those were from Springs!  It was a slick, high standard, supportive and professional event.Each of the WSC bands gave performances to be proud of.
12 acts were chosen to go through to the Regional heats and….6 of those 12 are from WSC!
This is absolutely unheard of for us, and indeed for the competition!

Finals are on Saturday June 12th, Dorothy Winstone Centre, 7pm
Buy tickets here

Here is a list of all WSC student bands who competed in the Auckland Central Regional Heats.

WSC  RockQuest participants 2021

Great Failure
Charlotte Kempster
Forrest Murray
Eve Galbraith
Alex Pizzini

Callum Bowes
Flynn Bowes
Rufus holmes
Gus Singleton March

Alex Hall
Nate Bradbury
Toby Gracewood-Easther
Dawa Yeshe

Body Part
Antonia Lloyd
Raf Hoskins
Izzie Christie
Jasper Renner Allen


Regional finalists (6 Bands)

Cold Sweats
Max Murray
Barney Salmon
Sam Blamires
Alex Tyrell
Ari Cornwall

The Dawns
Mila Guttenbiel
Georgia Wallace

Death by Distraction
Levi Adamson
Miro Wrightson Lyons
Logan Conaghan
Jed Burgess
Arlo Bennett

Violet Skies
Sasha Brown
Leni Sullivan

Ballot Box
Forrest Mace
Spike Keith
Tamai Burger
William Brooker

Park Bench
Sam Boston
Zac Green
Leo Main-Bennett
Finn Bailey



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