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June 201

Winter is here — time for gumboots, raincoats, winter jumpers.

Time for winter sports, time to enjoy cold sunny days, time to prepare for spring.

Of Special interest: 

Colds:  A cold takes 7-10 days to get better regardless of what you take for it.

Over the counter meds help you cope with the symptoms.  Panadol, Day and Night decongestant tabs, lozengers for the throat, tissues (not cloth hankies).  Use hand washing or disinfectant gels.

Antibiotics for chest infections, pneumonia,  sinus infections.  Colds that do not respond to normal measures, see your doctor.

Flu vaccination free for some medical conditions, takes 2 weeks to be fully effective. 

Strep throats, temperature over 38 c, need antibiotics from doctor.  Same bug that causes this is also in rheumatic fever and heart valve disease.  Please take sore throats seriously. 

Measles, many cases in auckland.  Vaccination is free.  Be aware if not vaccinated will need to stay home for 2 weeks if a break out at school. 

Stay healthy everyone, try and eat a balanced diet, get enough sleep, moderate exercise, balance play and work. 

Nurse Chris 

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