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What an absolute pleasure it has been to introduce our students and then the community into our new school.  They joy of seeing our students adapt so quickly to the new environment and to take real pleasure in the opportunities that it provides is universal amongst my colleagues.  The awe with which the community has viewed the new facilities (over 800 visitors over the two nights) is an indication of how special this place is.  I take my hat off to the architects, Jasmax, for this stunning new environment!

Although the Rumaki, Nga Puna O Waiorea, is yet to be finished, along with the new student canteen in the old library and the development of S block into the new Music suite and the demolition of the old school to allow the re-instatement of our third playing field, I think we can all see that the end result (January 2020) will be truly exceptional and nothing like schools as we have known them!

Our progress towards our academic achievement goal of 90% of students here at Springs/Waiorea achieving NCEA is progressing exceptionally well and it is looking likely that we will exceed this goal, at least at Level 1 with 95% of our students on track for success here.  Well done students and teachers.

Mercury Energy, our electricity suppliers for the last 30 years have very kindly donated to us an inverter and the associated technology to support the installation of up to 200 solar panels on the roof of the new gymnasium to supply solar energy to both the school and the grid.  The initial installation of 12 solar panels is able to be boosted by additional panels at $230 each. More details about how you may like to contribute to the purchase of extra panels will be coming out soon.

A reminder to parents of students in Years 9 and 10 that Thursday next week (August 15th) is parent/student/ teacher interviews – and yes, they will be held in the new school if you haven’t yet had a chance to visit.  I do encourage you to come along to these, and do bring your son or daughter with you to maximise the benefit of the time spent with the teachers.

All the best.

Ivan Davis

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