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With the release of the ERO report on student behaviour in New Zealand schools I am reminded how much we in schools depend upon our parents and agencies in the community to manage behavioural issues here at Springs. If we put aside the “worst in the OECD” statement it is clear that successful management of teenage behavioural issue relies on a partnership – most usually school and home to get the required behavioural change.

One of the most significant behavioural changes we have seen this term follows the introduction of the government’s “Phones Away for the Day” policy which becomes law from the beginning of Term 2 [see below MoE documentation]. In this Newsletter I include the latest material that has been issued relating to this initiative and note the statement that students “do not use or access their phone while they are attending school unless it is required by their teacher for learning purposes“. We have been very pleased with the way this new requirement has been adopted by our students and thank our parents for their support in this.

On another note, I had the pleasure of coaching and steering our school Dragon Boating team to success in the recent regatta. It was such a pleasure to be part of a crew of 24 outstanding young people here at Springs. Our Gold medal and first place in the Mixed Team Grand Final followed wins in all three of our heats and the posting of the fastest time of the day – 55 seconds over the 250 metre course. Well done Springs!

Ngā mihi,
Ivan Davis





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