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Senior student whānau interviews to discuss Term 1 Progress Reports will take place on Thursday 11th April 2024 from 10am-7pm. There will be no onsite learning for any students on that day.  The interviews will be held in person at school in the KHCL and in Waioteao. 


  • Booking details for the Senior Report Day will be sent out next week along with the reports. 
  • Our  traffic light report will also be sent home at the same time. This is a one-page snapshot of how a student is tracking  in each of their subjects. It is designed to give whānau a simple picture of whether or not a student is ‘on-track’. 
  • Senior students are encouraged to attend the in-person interviews with their whānau.
  • School will be closed for all students on this day.



Springs Year 11 students: a reminder

You are on a 2-year NCEA Level 2 pathway: The overall aim is to get between 20 and 30 quality Level 2 credits this year. Every task counts on the journey towards Level 2. You will be sitting 1 x Level 2 achievement standard in each of your 6 subjects i.e. English/ Maths/ Science/ and 3 x option subjects.


Waiōrea Year 11 students 

You are aiming to get your NCEA Level 1 qualification this year. Any credits you gained from your TRR course in Year 10 or kapa haka or Te Ao Haka counts towards your qualification this year as do your core subjects of TRM/TRR, Putaiao, Pāngarau and Te Reo Pākehā. The aim is to get 60 credits at Level 1 or above, with as many credits at Merit or Excellence as you can. 


All students: literacy and numeracy/ Te Pāngarau and Te Matatini co-requisites 

This is a 10 credit national assessment for numeracy and a 10 credit (reading and writing) assessment for literacy. The 20 credits are required to gain any qualification i.e. NCEA Levels 1, 2 or 3.  These credits only need to be gained once. There are multiple assessment opportunities to sit these if you do not gain all 3 sets of credits the first time. More information will be provided closer to the time for students in Years 10 and 11 sitting these assessments this year. 

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