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We have had a stellar year for Rockquest and Tangata Beats entries with 11 bands performing in the Central Auckland heats last Saturday and two entries for the Solo/Duo section this weekend. Today we found out that FIVE of our bands are through to the Regional Auckland Finals!!

Mad shout outs to:
BUZZ – Y12 – Felix Miller-Cooper, Holly Naish, Harlo Brady, Harper Sergeant
GroopChat – Y12 – Huia Cameron, Aiyana Wanakore, Teina Pecotic
Sprawl – Y12 – Dasan Paullay-Beazley (and friends from other schools)
In Shade – Y13 – Yuga Yamasaki (and friends from other schools)

And a YEAR 9 BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dopamine – Y9 – Maisie Mackintosh, Poppy Flavell-Browne (and friends from other schools).

Congratulations to all our stunning musicians – you performed brilliantly and we’re so proud of each and every one of you!




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