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Our first solar array was installed in January 2021.  Help us fund a second array.

2nd Solar Array - Panel Goal 100
Panels donated 24


Over the summer break a 50kW solar array (136 solar panels) was installed on the new buildings at Springs – Waiōrea.  This exciting addition to the Ken Havill Centre for Learning, has created a 50 year plus solar power legacy.  The school community is so enthusiastic about the project that we are raising funds for a second solar array.

A donation of $490 will go towards the purchase and install a state of the art 370 watt panel in the name of your family or business. Your panel will become part of the sustainability and learning fabric of Springs – Waiōrea.  All donation amounts will be very gratefully received. Plus, your donation is tax deductable.

Here’s what our donors have to say…

We wanted to support a project that uses cutting-edge technology to protect the stability of our planet and ensure our children have a promising future. The mission of Western Springs College/Ngā Puna O Waiōrea includes equipping students to “share in the building of a just and sustainable society”. These panels are one way to demonstrate how we can work together to contribute to such a society. Not only will they have a physical impact, but they are a wonderful learning device. Thank you for the opportunity to contribute. 

Niki Harré and Keith Thomas.

I’m thrilled to help our lovely school. 15 years of warm relationship now, and three kids who excelled by attending!

Paul Styles
Styles Project Management Limited

It seems logical for our fabulous new school to also be as close to carbon zero as possible, in keeping with WSC/NPoW’s modern, sustainable philosophy. Donating a solar panel seemed like an easy and obvious way to give back to the school and assist in progressing this project.

Janet Neesham (Tumulty family)

Both of our daughters went through WSC and are  doing very well in their adult life. Donating to this cause is just one way of thanking all involved in their education. I was inspired by the fantastic look of the new school building and donating a panel is just one small contribution of help towards the future of the school.


We were motivated to donate a panel because the cause fits so well with the values and mission statement of Springs, with students not only taking responsibility for themselves but also for the health and sustainability of the wider world.  It was a fitting farewell present to a school that has served our family so well.


WSCW and its Solar Power programme is an example for other schools, individuals and possibly businesses. It is an excellent case study for students to not only hear the theory of why sustainable, clean power is the future, but actually see it first-hand, put into practice. Our government won’t be proactive on this front, which leaves only one option, we must do it ourselves.


Investing in solar at Springs is a way we can give back to what we will always see as our school, one that gave our daughter so much as she heads out into the world. Solar contributes to educational opportunities and a sustainable energy future, both of which our family is committed to supporting.

Stephen Knight-Lenihan, Shona Jennings and Ariane Lenihan

Energy is the future! Western Springs and other schools are great accessible examples in our community of how it can be done.

June Jelas

It is a pleasure to support this kaupapa. Our three children attended Ngā Puna o Waiōrea WSC.  Making this donation is a way of saying thank you to the school community for the great education they received at our local state secondary school. 
Robyn Gray and Rees Tapsell

We consider it important to walk the talk. Our solar panel donation reflects our dedication to not only clean and sustainable power, but to a future, decentralised world where much power is generated by or as close to the user as possible, with nobody clipping the ticket on the way.


Why I was inspired to donate a solar panel to WSC

Back in 2001 (yes, 20 years ago), I joined WSC as an international student from China. I was very fortunate to be in Mr Ken Havill’s form class. Despite his busy schedule, he had always welcomed everyone with a smile in the morning and was never hesitant about asking me how I was getting on with my classes. As an international student and foreigner to the country, Mr Havill’s warm presence has made WSC a very secure place for me to thrive academically. During the end of year prize giving, I was also awarded Runner-up-to-Dux, and Mr Havill’s words of support and encouragement made me feel very assured about starting a new chapter at University.

Even though I only studied at WSC for over a year, that one year was the most crucial year of my life. The knowledge and experiences I gained laid down a solid foundation for me to study PhD degree and pursue my own career as a clinical researcher.  Mr Havill had always made time to chat with me and hear about my updates. I am forever thankful for being a WSC alumnus.

Vicky Wang

What will your solar panel deliver?

Your panel will become one of over 130 to be installed, along with a 50kWp solar inverter that has been donated by Mercury. This could reduce our electricity cost by at least 10% – approximately $15,000 annually. These cost savings will then be directed into other educational benefits for students.

We very much welcome the donation of one or more panels. Team up with family and friends to buy a panel, any donation amount is appreciated.

Most importantly, our solar journey is about enhancing education.

Expanding our students knowledge and experience of alternative energy and providing a real-time science and learning opportunity, where solar generation and savings can be tracked and studied.

Our students are the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. They will spearhead a shift to a low carbon future. Donate a panel and come along on our energy journey.

Here at Springs – Waiōrea, sustainability is one of our core values. 

Our school is at the heart of one of the greenest and most forward thinking communities in Auckland.  We know we are leading the way in sustainable practices in secondary education, as we were one of the first secondary schools in New Zealand to achieve Enviroschools Green Gold status.

Our solar installation will reduce the carbon footprint of our school, while also reducing the carbon footprint of the nation.

You can donate your panel in one of many ways

Bank Transfer

Account No. 02-0108-0642347-000

Please include: your name, reference: Solar
Email so that we can send you a donation receipt.

School reception

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