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Recycle your Tetra Pak cartons

Tetra Pak cartons are no longer to be put in the recycling bins collected by Auckland Council. Instead, you can find alternatives, like Mylk Made for plant based milk, or send the cartons to the Waiōrea Community Recycling Center. The Waiōrea CRC will take your cartons by 40L crates and it will be $2. 

The cartons will then be send to Save Board and be recycled to make boards, ceiling tiles, roof boards and other products.  Have a look here.

Order your fruit and veggie bag every week

You can now order your fruit and veggie bag every week from the Waiōrea CRC, for $15, and collect it every Friday from 3.30pm to 5.30pm.

This is currently a trial and we are hoping it is here to stay! Have a look at what was in the bag last week.


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