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Help parents save money with AT HOP

With the new school year about to start, we have a timely reminder for parents to load student concessions on their children’s AT HOP cards.

Many of your students will be using AT HOP cards to pay for their bus, train and ferry trips to school. Paying with an AT HOP card is much cheaper than paying with cash and parents can save even further by loading the correct concession on their child’s AT HOP card.

School students are eligible for discounted fares and these are at least 40% cheaper than adult AT HOP fares. For example, the child AT HOP fare is 90c cheaper for a 1-zone trip compared to the adult AT HOP fare, which could add up to $36* in savings over a month!

Cards must be registered to a child, and students 16-19 years must also have a secondary student concession loaded on their AT HOP card for the discount/concession to apply, otherwise, their AT HOP card defaults to the more expensive adult fares.

We would like to work with your school to ensure students and their parents are aware of AT HOP cards and the benefits of using the card. Here’s a link to the webtile for you to use in the school newsletter, or on your school website. Please link the AT HOP webtile provided, through to our website. To download the poster click here.

Terms and conditions for AT HOP cards apply.

*Based on ten 1 zone trips per week, x 4 weeks.

Email us or call 09 366 4467 for more information

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