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Happy Holidays everyone!!!!  – stay safe and healthy.

Still active in Auckland especially,  but numbers of cases slowing down now– consider vaccination to prevent the spread of disease – huge outbreak in the pasific islands.

Travelling overseas or going to uni – flats or dorms?

Travel/OE holidays –
Check what vaccinations you require and get the course completed at least 2 weeks before you leave.

University –
If going to uni and flatting or in dorms consider meningitis vaccination- disease easily spread in communal living arrangements where students  may not be supervised re their health – the disease looks like the flu but can be fatal in 24hrs -vaccination can be given by your  GP – (is not free but worth it)

Warts and all – get them treated over the holidays when your skin has time to heal

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
See you in 2020.

Nurse Chris

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