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March 14 i.e. 3.14 is Pi-day. It is a day to celebrate the well-known mathematical constant Pi, the relationship between the circumference and diameter of a circle. The celebrations usually include eating lots of circular food including pies and holding Pi recitation contests. Feel free to use the first 15 digits of this never-ending number (3.14159265358979) when holding your own Pi recitation contests. 

Education Perfect

Students are expected to do at least an hour of homework every week. Among other benefits, homework teaches students to take responsibility for their own learning and be independent. It also gives you as parents a chance to see what your children are learning at school. 

This year the Mathematics department is using “Education Perfect” as part of the homework that we are setting for Year 9, 10, and 11 students. Education Perfect provides students with well-structured lessons including introductory slides, supportive visuals, and videos that break down difficult concepts and give students a good understanding of the topic. It also allows the teacher to monitor your child’s progress and pass this feedback onto parents. Students will still receive some paper-based homework (worksheets, assignments, and revision) but this will not be on a regular basis.

Students have been issued with their own login and password for the website. Teachers will allocate homework that will appear as tasks when they log in. Students or Whanau could contact their maths teacher in case of any login issues. 

Scholarship 2021 (Minh Anh)

On behalf of the mathematics department, we would like to congratulate Minh Anh Tran for achieving the calculus scholarship in 2021. Scholarship candidates are expected to demonstrate high-level critical thinking, abstraction and generalization, and integrate, synthesize and apply knowledge and skills to complex problems. It is noteworthy that while most candidates tackle scholarships in year 13, Minh Anh achieved the calculus scholarship in year 12 in 2021. 


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