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DangKhoi (Khoi) Phan from Vietnam on the right in the photo with other Vietnamese students, Thi Mai Giang (Zan), Hai Yen and Jason

The International Department are proud of our detailed care for our international students.  We regularly meet with each international student to check their well-being, development and future plan.  Recently, we have met Dangkhoi (Khoi) Phan, a Year 13 student from Vietnam and Ale Silva Patarroyo, a Year 12 student from Colombia.  They enjoy their life at Western Springs College and happily shared their experiences.

I have been at Western Springs College since the beginning of last year, and I love my school so much.  I also love New Zealand.  I think New Zealand is the best country for education, and that is why I decided to come to New Zealand for studying.  I learn Economics, Hard Material, Physical Education, Statistics, Calculus and ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages).  After school, I attend the training with my school sport team every day.  I enjoy my life here.


Ale (above left in the photo) with Nicolas from Chile

I was born in Colombia and will be at Western Springs for nearly a year.  I learn Maths, ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), Food Technology, Physical Education, Dance and Art Design.  I like the relationship between students and teachers here.  When I have problems, teachers support me and I can feel the bond with them.   They try to understand where I came from and my future.  I like the environment at school where people are nice, and I enjoy my life here.  After school, I experience different types of activities such as windsurfing, archery and dance.  I like my homestay, too.  They take care of me and try to include me in the activities they are involved, and I also invite them to the activities I am doing.  I enjoy spending time with them.  I am also grateful for the support from the international office.  I feel I can count on them and trust them.  For example, when I asked about the universities in New Zealand, they looked for the options and opportunities I could have.  They helped me with everything I wasn’t sure about.

Ale Silva Patarroyo from Colombia

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