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Senior Option Selection:

Senior Option Selections for current Year 10-12 students are due on Wednesday 18th September. Course selection will take place online through the parent portal. Information on how to access and complete the option selection process will be emailed out this week. 

There is a Careers Department slide presentation for Year 10 students to assist with course planning from Year 11 onwards. The link is here. The Level 1 coursebook can be found here. This outlines all the available courses at Level 1. 

 The Level 2 Coursebook is here, and the Level 3 coursebook can be found here.

Please contact the relevant Head of House if you have any questions about Senior Option selection. 

Senior Practice Exams:

 Senior Practice exams run from Friday 6th September to Friday 13th September. All students are expected back at school as per the normal school timetable on Monday 16th September. 

There are 4 NZQA final external exams running from Monday 16th September- 18th September. This affects Senior Digital Technology and Year 11 Maths students only. 

The Year 11 Maths MCAT is on Tuesday 17th September at 9am in the Hall. The MCAT runs for 1 period only. Students return to their normal timetabled classes after the MCAT. 

A reminder to all students sitting exams that they are not allowed to wear watches during exams and phones must be turned off and placed under the chair. Pens and pencils need to be removed from any pencil cases and pencil cases need to be left in your school bag.  A small clear bottle filled with water is allowed in exams. No other food or drink can be brought into exams. 

These exams are important practice exams as grades for these exams can be used for derived/emergency grades at the end of year, if required. 

If you have any queries about derived grades please contact the Principal’s Nominee, Julie Debreceny, by email on

Early Finish: 

There is no early finish on Tuesday 3rd September. The early finish will now be on Tuesday September 17th. School will finish at 1.40 for all students on this day. 

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