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Interested in taking your scientific knowledge and understanding to the next level?
The NZIBO (New Zealand International Biology Olympiad) is an examination that has 3 levels, the first of which happens in August 2023. Register here.
Animal Use in research:
ANZCCART (Australian & New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching) is running an essay competition about the role of animal research in today’s society. Find out more about entrance details here.
Physics & Maths:
The NZPMC (New Zealand Physics and Maths Competition) is running a competition late in May. Registrations close in less than 3 weeks (20/05/2023). Register here.
If you’re keen on the Chemistry Olympiad and the Physics Tournament. Keep an eye on these sites for more information.
If you need any assistance, please email Sherna Matta or Graham Stoddard
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