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WSCW is hosting The Light Project parents’ evening next week on Thursday 23rd March (7pm start) on Level 2 of the KHCL at Springs.

All welcome.

The Light Project was established in 2017 by a small team of sexual and public health professionals. The project was set up in response to the changing online porn landscape and the absence of any information, support or resources for young people in Aotearoa.

The reality is that porn is now a primary learning tool for many young people in Aotearoa, shaping youth sexual culture in new and diverse ways.

The Light Project provides evidence-based professional development workshops for parents and wider whānau to help equip them with knowledge and confidence to understand and support young people in today’s online world.

Who should attend?
The school parent community and whānau wanting to be equipped to engage in the porn conversation positively and more confidently.


The new online porn landscape: The porn industry, content, trends, messaging, and marketing.

NZ young people and porn: NZ research on youth usage, consumption, vulnerable groups, and youth feedback on porn related experiences. Potential impacts of porn: Porn and sexual attitudes and behaviours, sexual violence, sexual wellbeing, and mental health. Conversation tools and strategies: Tools for effectively engaging young people in safe and nonjudgmental porn conversations and developing porn literacy skills. Filters, tools and NZ support services: Apps and online support for porn related issues.

Websites: (Adults) (Youth)


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