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Greetings from Rangitoto and the Visual Arts department – we are over half way of the year and creative productivity is ramping up across all three fields at senior level.

Students are checking their internals against A1 boards and responding to a variety of artist models and ways of working. The Juniors are amassing a good number of works, reflective of the learning outcomes for the year level and Y10 students have had two opportunities to show evidence towards Level 1 credits with their Rosenquist and Taratoa inspired paintings. The Y11 students are busy working through the second internal – referring to NZ artist Paul Dibble to construct their own version in air dry clay. The results are quite innovative, further enhanced by our Arts Technician, Maddy Ireland (photo below), and her professional photographic skills.

[Level 1 sculptures]

In terms of recording, I had the opportunity to be interviewed in regard to a commission I did at the Epsom campus of Teachers Training College. Although it was somewhat surreal to be talking about something I did 32 years ago, the organisers secured serious funding to archive the collection before most of it was moved to the Auckland University campus.

At the current time of writing, we are moving into a well earned holiday break and hope that all students return refreshed and ready for the ‘busy’ness end of the year and the heightened work load associated with Term 3.

Ia Manuia
Lily Laita
HOD Art & TIC Art History

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